Can you identify where this photo was taken? Exactly – the main road that goes around the very end of Bonriki International Airstrip. Well, but to which side? Yes the one resting at the lagoon or west side and it runs along the edge of the shoreline. One special thing about this spot is that even though it lies somewhere between the two villages, Bonriki and Tanaea, the road at this spot was the only part included in the Road Renewal Work and therefore was paved permanently with tar by McDowell Construction. The fence you see is part of the fencing that secures the entire airstrip.

Notice something in regards to light and shadow in the image? You hardly see the shadows, right? That’s because I captured this photo some time at mid-day when the sunlight was quite strong from the top. I kinda feared the outside heat so I just took the shot through the window right from inside the car. No way I could use a tripod so I handheld my Nikon D3100 (with kit lens) while using part of the window for steadiness. One good thing about shooting from the shade is seeing clearly both your outside scene and what’s in the camera LCD screen.

Before uploading this image onto here, I did little post processing in PS4. It includes cropping to remove part of the casuarina tree, colouring and lighting adjustments, spot heal brushing to dissolve unwanted marks and of course sharpening the image (I ain’t very good in Photoshop but continue learning). I also reduced the file size and weight for the sake of the website.

Critical comments will help me improve the coming pictures, so please do so if you have time.

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