Don’t be mistaken thinking that this photograph was taken outside Kiribati. One reason why we might be mistaken is because we have used to only seeing these kinds of scenes (photos) from other places! With that in mind, we then think that such pretty spots are hardly found around our islands ๐Ÿ™‚ The truth? Kiribati has beautiful sites!

Back to our photo. I shot this in one of the drying ponds of the Fish Farm at Ananau Causeway – in the afternoon. For some reasons this pond is drying out. As water keeps disappearing, more grass (or weed) begin to grow inside the pond. Water used to fill up this pond, but seeing it now, grass has been growing abundantly turning the bed of the pond into a yellowish green layer. The spot has now become the new home of colourful grass. If water comes back again, this bed of grass will probably disappear.

Does this photo inspire you the way it inspires me? Do we have similar admiration out of it? I love the objects in the foreground – numerous colourful grass growing together making up a new yellowish layer at the bottom of the pond. To me, the trees in the background aren’t so attracting however the sky is quite okay.

I handheld my favourite toy (camera) when capturing this unique moment. Wind came from the right side of the image, bringing with it the sound of the moving leaves of casuarina trees that surround the area. I positioned the camera closer to the ground so grass could be in more details. I left the horizon unstraightened (in post processing) as I just wanted it that way. My original shot seemed over-exposed therefore blowing the sky up. I fixed that by placing another sky in PS4. Although the blending of the sky and trees together could have been much better, I hope it’s quite okay to your viewing.

See you in our next image ๐Ÿ™‚

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