That’s a panorama made from two images. I used a tripod when I
captured those images so merging them together is easy in PS. The
original file has dimensions of 6405 by 3016. The one you’re now
seeing could be either 816 or 1280 pixels.

What a nice and calm waters for these boats! Boats in a wonderful
place with plenty of space. See that bigger one docking? The name
on the side said, it’s Coral Sea 2 and I think it belongs to Coral Ace
company. The dock was indeed quiet since the scene was in the
morning. Yes, shoot in the morning – as that’s one way to avoid
distractions from people and other moving objects.

The one below is the same photo but has been saturated, more drama added and cropped a little.

3. Inside Betio Dock

I took plenty of images at this area and plan to add them to our
collections soon. So, see you then …

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