Here are few things I did before I finally produced this image. PS4, Photoscape and Picasa are mostly the photo software I use in post-processing photographs.

Yes, I cropped the top part of the image in order to raise the horizon a little bit up. I wanted the horizon to be higher than this but the result would be that much of the top part of the trees would be gone – which I didn’t want.

I also smoothened the sea and sky; and tried to make sure the details in the land weren’t much affected. I mixed the sky from two (original and another) for more texture and motion up there. To look natural/normal, I adjusted the colours and opacity. Sharpening was applied to some parts of the image as well.

Image info:- Mode: A, F/16, Shutter: 30s, FL:18mm, Cam: Nikon D3100, Lens: Kit lens, Timer: Set, Tripod: Yes

Our next image is ready! I’ll post it soon, so …

View or download the original size image: HERE

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