I found this fruit on a breadfruit tree in Temwaiku. It’s still young and has to stay up here for several more weeks before it becomes ripe to be harvested. It’s the breadfruit species that hasn’t got seeds.

It was close to the ground so I didn’t have problems shooting it – even without a tripod.

I wanted the fruit to stand out, therefore I manually blurred the surroundings with the help of the photo software.

The ones below are on that same tree. As we see, healthy breadfruit trees, like this one, are able to shoot up to 4 fruits out of its branches during their bearing period. 1 or 2 may fall off before they become ripe otherwise all survive the harvest season.

35. Breadfruits

About 9 weeks after the above photos were captured, the fruits have now become ripe and have to be dropped from the tree. The image you see below is one of those ripe breadfruits from that tree.

Someone held the breadfruit in his hand as I tried to get a nice clear shot of it. The size is amazing! It goes to almost 30 cm between its two ends and about 15 cm in diameter. I don’t have a scale to weigh it so we could not state how heavy it is. Thus, as I tried to get a good focus, the person holding the fruit complained saying it was heavy and I needed to be quick with the shooting.


As with the image below, the breadfruit is ready to go into the pot. The skin has been removed and the fruit cut up into several small pieces. Breadfruit is delicious!


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