Um .. okay, MAURI (hello) and welcome to @erophotoblog! We, Mr & Mrs Eromanga, are behind the website that faces you now. Our current location is Bikenibeu, Tarawa island in Kiribati – and that’s where @erophotoblog is being managed. We both like going around South Tarawa/Betio and take pictures of things/objects or places that we think of interest to our viewers. We also take photos of local festivals.

It’s the name we’ve chosen for this photo website. @ERO is our identity, PHOTO states our core contents and BLOG speaks of the short descriptions we attached to the pictures.


Here’s what we normally do:

1. Shoot ———–> 2. Adjust ———–> 3. Write ———–> 4. Post

Popular KEYWORDS & CATEGORIES will reveal more information about @erophotoblog:

[Kiribati, Landscape, Place, Sunset, Tarawa, Historical, Lifestyle, People, Islands, Object ..]

So we have become less strangers to each other (as you’ve known more about @erophotoblog), right? If you have other questions, please send them to me using contact link above.

Thank you and enjoy photographs of our islands 🙂