At The Wharf

Aikai kaibuke (wa-uawa) are a bae ma rarikin te uaabu are i Betio ni uakaan ma te jetty. E karako te koraki n ririaki n te aono aio kioina bwa e a tibwa ingabong. Tao ngkana e tawanou riki ao tao e na manga rangi n tabetabe te tabo aio irouia kaa ma taan mwakuri ibukin katauraokin waa aikai nakon aia borau are imwiina.

Have A Job

‘Have A Job’ actually talks about why these rocks are placed at this particular site. What if the rocks fall or are washed away by the waves? Our road (newly built) will be gone!

It’s Temwaiku again but this time on the ocean side of the Taiwan Technical Mission camp. For a change, I turned this colour scene into B&W – then with the use of fade style it ended up as this.

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Disabled Meet House

We have come to the eastern end of Nanikai village here on South Tarawa. The spot facing you belongs to the handicapped of Kiribati. Many disabled live here. It’s a centre that brings them together. It’s also where they hold functions such as feastings and meetings. Planning and organising activities (fundraising, etc) also take place here.

That big house (mwaneaba) is used basically for meetings, feastings and other activities, They also use it for sleeping when not being used.or at free hours.

It’s a perfect location for the disabled since it is quiet and away from the busy village areas of Nanikai. The sea (lagoon) is just beside them!

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