Spider (Takareau)


E aki rangi ni bebete ke ni baiti rawean tamnein te spider aio. E rangi n angabuaka bwa e mena n te tiiring (ceiling) are nanona bwa e botararake n nim ma te tiiring. Te tairiki bwa tao mwiin 9 pm ao ti ootan te taura te iti n roko iai.

I tei ngkanne i aon te taibora n te aro are N na kona n roko n te tiiring. I tekeraoi bwa e aki kan birinako te spider aio n au tai n rawea tamneina. Aikai taian settings ngke I rawerawe n te Manual mode, f/5.6, iso 100, shutter speed 1/15sec, flashlight on ao manual focus on lens.

I a manga cropped n te aro are e ti mataata mwakoron te spider ane ko noria. I katurua teutana karana ao man kabongana naba te sharpen tool.


Te Itibwerere

A last night special visitor. The vernacular name for this insect is ‘itibwerere’. A chirping sound produced by this insect is usually heard when the night is quiet. This sound is rarely heard during the day since the insect is resting and becomes active at night. The insect is also shy and rather stays away by itself – at the dark corners of rubbish/stones heaps. This particular visit is rare and have no idea why this insect came out around us.

I quickly grabbed my camera to shoot it. It wasn’t an easy shot since the insect kept moving around. I had to wait for the right time and spot. I finally got a shot of it while it was on a person’s hand. I had no time to use a tripod in this situation. I like the head to have been in focus but wish more of the insect body parts had come into focus as well.

Equipment & Shooting info:- Camera Nikon d3100, Lens Tamron 90mm, Built In Flashlight used, F/Stop 4.5, Exposure Time 1/15 sec and ISO 100.

I’m not so sure but I think that the English name for this insect is ‘cricket’.
Is the name wrong? Please add the correct name in the comment. Thanks.