E aki rangi n kakabonganaki te taeka ae ‘bungin namwakaina’ (moonset) tao kioina bwa e burenibwai norana irouia aomata. Tiaki aron te taeka ae ‘bungintaai’ (sunset) are ko rangi ni bati riki n ongongo n te marooro. Bukina ni koaua bwa ‘bungintaai’ ti nonoria n te bong koraki – ma ‘bungin namwakaina’ e riki n te karangaina n ara tai ni matu.

Iaoni kawaina ni bung namwakaina n ara tamnei aio. Ti raweia i tanrion Nanikai-Teaoraereke kotiweei n te karangaina tao te aoa 6am. Ngaira ake ti tuai man kauia te aoa aio (moonset hour) e a reke ara tai n noria n ara tamnei aei.

At The Wharf

Aikai kaibuke (wa-uawa) are a bae ma rarikin te uaabu are i Betio ni uakaan ma te jetty. E karako te koraki n ririaki n te aono aio kioina bwa e a tibwa ingabong. Tao ngkana e tawanou riki ao tao e na manga rangi n tabetabe te tabo aio irouia kaa ma taan mwakuri ibukin katauraokin waa aikai nakon aia borau are imwiina.

USP Kiribati Campus

This photo is just about a day old as I took it yesterday morning (5/12/17) at around 7am. Luckily, the security allowed me to take few photos of this building. It is USP Kiribati Campus at Teaoraereke Tarawa. It’s among the three storey buildings to have been built on the island. I took the shot from this location so that the whole building is visible. For better stableness, the tripod was used and timing was also set.

Anteitai Marketplace

The scene facing you is a spot close to KPF Complex in Bairiki. This particular area has always been called ‘Anteitai Marketplace’. Few months before the shot was taken, the fire accidently broke out here destroying almost all the marketing tents/stores built here. The fire was among the biggest ever happened on South Tarawa. It could have burned down KPF commercial complex, but luckily water trucks and people managed to protect the two buildings from the fire.

The big tree out there is ‘te itai’, and as you see, it’s still recovering from the damage of that fire. We now can see those houses since the marketplace was gone. The open space in the foreground is what left behind – after the fire rubble had been cleared and the ground leveled.

Bikenibeu Roundabout

Teuana mai buakon 3 taian roundabouts iaon Tarawa/Betio. Ibukia ake a maan n tuai n roko/okira Tarawa, ao te roundabout aei are i tabon Bikenibeu mainiku. Iai 3 kawaina n otinako bwa nako Temwaiku (left), Bonriki Airport (bottom right) ao Bikenibeu (upper right).

E kona ni bati te nanououa n aron tuan te roundabout. Nanououa aikai a kona ni karekei kangaanga/kurati. N aia kaongora bureitiman iaon kabonganan te roundabout, ao a taku bwa te bwai ae kakawaki bwa ko riai n tei ao ni karimoa/kanakoa moa te vehicle are e moan roko/toka n te roundabout. Ngkana e boraoi rokom ma te vehicle anne n te roundabout ao ko a kaai naba ni butinako ma ngaia n te tai ae ti teuana.

Peaceful Nightfall

Here are few things I did before I finally produced this image. PS4, Photoscape and Picasa are mostly the photo software I use in post-processing photographs.

Yes, I cropped the top part of the image in order to raise the horizon a little bit up. I wanted the horizon to be higher than this but the result would be that much of the top part of the trees would be gone – which I didn’t want.

I also smoothened the sea and sky; and tried to make sure the details in the land weren’t much affected. I mixed the sky from two (original and another) for more texture and motion up there. To look natural/normal, I adjusted the colours and opacity. Sharpening was applied to some parts of the image as well.

Image info:- Mode: A, F/16, Shutter: 30s, FL:18mm, Cam: Nikon D3100, Lens: Kit lens, Timer: Set, Tripod: Yes

Our next image is ready! I’ll post it soon, so …

View or download the original size image: HERE

Have A Job

‘Have A Job’ actually talks about why these rocks are placed at this particular site. What if the rocks fall or are washed away by the waves? Our road (newly built) will be gone!

It’s Temwaiku again but this time on the ocean side of the Taiwan Technical Mission camp. For a change, I turned this colour scene into B&W – then with the use of fade style it ended up as this.

Wonder, what the next photograph is going to be? See you …