Mangrove Tree

Te tongo bon arokara ae moan te kakawaki ibukin totokoan kanakin mataniwiin abara. Riki inanon ririki aikai ngkai e noraki korakoran ana urubwai iabuntin taari – are e taekinaki bwa kanoan ana waaki climate change.

E rangi ni mwaiti kurikuri te tongo n te tabo aio ma I rinea aio kioina bwa e onoti ao man mataata n ti ngaia. I aki kabongana te tripod (stand) ngkai taari ae I tei iai.

I mwaain ae I katoka ikai ao I edit moa n taian photo programs n aron ps4, picasa ao tabeua riki.

Tree Trunk

When people see me, they may feel odd about me. Some may consider me as a useless lonely log (tree trunk) stuck at this shallow muddy part of Ambo – Taborio lagoon. Others may think that I shouldn’t be here.

Despite such feelings, I know that I am worth enough for birds, fish and other small sea creatures. Apart from providing shelter, shade and food to the creatures that come and live on or around me, birds also use me much like their fishing canoe during high tides. The fact is: ‘I am useful, have friends and of course, attractive!’.

Peaceful Nightfall

Here are few things I did before I finally produced this image. PS4, Photoscape and Picasa are mostly the photo software I use in post-processing photographs.

Yes, I cropped the top part of the image in order to raise the horizon a little bit up. I wanted the horizon to be higher than this but the result would be that much of the top part of the trees would be gone – which I didn’t want.

I also smoothened the sea and sky; and tried to make sure the details in the land weren’t much affected. I mixed the sky from two (original and another) for more texture and motion up there. To look natural/normal, I adjusted the colours and opacity. Sharpening was applied to some parts of the image as well.

Image info:- Mode: A, F/16, Shutter: 30s, FL:18mm, Cam: Nikon D3100, Lens: Kit lens, Timer: Set, Tripod: Yes

Our next image is ready! I’ll post it soon, so …

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